[zb4osgi Dev] Commercial available HA devices

Han Alink h.alink1 at chello.nl
Wed Apr 4 10:56:13 CEST 2012

Hi Francesco,


I also did some exercises with the temperature sensor. 

For some time, I can read values from the device. Then at once, the request

I included the log file (several success requests-answers and then a failing
one for the same request).

Once the device fails, it never will go back to a non-failing state. I have
to restart/reset things to get successful transmissions again.

It looks like the on/off switch always fails; I never got a "success" answer
from that device.

I also include a print-screen of the issued commands-answers.


Hope this can help to pinpoint the problem.

If I have to do additional tests, let me know.


By the way: Where did you buy the NetVox devices?





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