[zb4osgi Dev] Commercial available HA devices

Han Alink h.alink1 at chello.nl
Fri Apr 6 14:24:47 CEST 2012

Hi Stefano,


I did some tests as requested:

When the temperature sensor stops, resetting the device (let it join the network again), re-enables communication with the device. So I do not have to restart the whole Zigbee4Osgi suite.

After the sensor stops, another device can join the network and also communication with this new device is possible.


I also did some more tests with the triple switch:

Requesting attributes from the device always fails (Up till now I have not seen a SUCCESS reaction from that device).

I have bound this device to the Mains Power Outlet and the devices remain bounded (communication errors from the Zigbee4Osgi suite do not change the binding).


Hope this helps in pinpointing the problem. Let me know if I can do more testing.

Thanks for your help,



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Dear Han,


When the sensor stops to answer do you have to restart:

A - the whole ZigBee network and ZB4OSGi suite
B - only the ZB4OSGi suite

C - only the ZigBee Sensor device?


Moreover, after that the Sensor stops to answer can you continue to communicate with the ZigBee network from ZB4OSGi suite (i.e.: send a command to a cluster, discovering new device, and so on) ?


Best regards,

Stefano Lenzi


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 10:56, Han Alink <h.alink1 at chello.nl> wrote:

Hi Francesco,


I also did some exercises with the temperature sensor. 

For some time, I can read values from the device. Then at once, the request fails.

I included the log file (several success requests-answers and then a failing one for the same request).

Once the device fails, it never will go back to a non-failing state. I have to restart/reset things to get successful transmissions again.

It looks like the on/off switch always fails; I never got a “success” answer from that device.

I also include a print-screen of the issued commands-answers.


Hope this can help to pinpoint the problem.

If I have to do additional tests, let me know.


By the way: Where did you buy the NetVox devices?





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