[zb4osgi Dev] debugging zigbee4osgi

Han Alink h.alink1 at chello.nl
Mon Apr 23 14:05:45 CEST 2012

Hello Stefano,


I’m still facing problems with the NetVox Zigbee devices.

Reaction time of the device (ZBTH-1), sometimes is close to 5 seconds, so I changed the timeout value to 10000 (for the CC2531USB dongle the time is hard-coded in the driver software, so changing the configuration file does not change the value). I think the number of failed communications is reduced, but still after some time the communication breaks.

I ordered a second TI dongle so I can use the sniffer software. Hope it arrives this week.


Do you have a list of the stack parameter settings for the NetVox devices?

Anybody else working with NetVox devices/Zigbee4Osgi software?





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Dear Han,


I had a look to your log and it seemed to me that the no problem on zb4osgi side it looks more an issue on the device itself, considering that by rebooting the device everything starts again, but I have to look at them more carefull and may need also more debug from your side. BTW, do you have an extra dongle to use it as ZigBee Network Sniffer, because may I need the actual message sent on iar by the devices on ZigBee Network.


Regarding the buglist you can register and post message use the Redmine website available on  http://zb4osgi.aaloa.org/redmine/projects/zb4osgi/ . Did you know that website?


i hope to have more time later in this weekend


best regards,

Stefano Lenzi

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 13:42, Han Alink <h.alink1 at chello.nl> wrote:

Hello Stefano,


I found another bug in the software and I was wondering if there is a more structured way to report those bugs. I know you have a bug list, but access is limited to members/software developers. I also don’t see bugs or problems I reported earlier appear in the bug list. 

Zigbee4Osgi is also published by means of Sourceforge (which offers possibilities to report bugs), but this website is not used as far as I can see. What is the best way  to proceed? Is somebody specific in charge of the bug list?


Did you have a chance to look at the logfiles and screenshots dealing with the read errors?


Best regards,



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