[zb4osgi Dev] debugging zigbee4osgi

Han Alink h.alink1 at chello.nl
Thu Apr 26 17:18:04 CEST 2012

Hi Francesco,


My sniffer dongle arrived today!


This is what I found out:


The ZBHT-1 (Temperature measurement device) and the triple switch both are
"sleeping" end devices. They poll for data every 5 seconds. This means that
the timeout value of 5000 ms is indeed to low. The switch stops polling
after about 2 minutes. Sending attribute requests (e.g. ZCL version), after
2 minutes, leads to a time-out.

The switch stays on the network because a push on the button wakes the
device and polls the coordinator again. If I send a ZCL request, and
immediately after that push a button on the switch, the device responds as


The ZBHT-1 stops this "5 sec. polling" also after about 2 minutes. But this
device keeps polling the coordinator, but only every 3 minutes. Obviously
attribute requests fail.


Does this make sense to you? Please comment.


Did NetVox ask for the poll frequency parameters?







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We are still waiting for them :-(,  I guess they arrive next week.


On 23/04/2012 14.05, Han Alink wrote: 

Do you have a list of the stack parameter settings for the NetVox devices?

Anybody else working with NetVox devices/Zigbee4Osgi software?


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