[zb4osgi Dev] bug in ZBMLC15

Han Alink h.alink1 at chello.nl
Tue May 15 12:41:25 CEST 2012



Problem solved!

I received a new hex image for this device. After modifying the connection
cable of the CC Debugger, I was able to reprogram the NetVox device.

The "transaction sequence number" now works as expected. 






The NetVox OnOffLight (ZBMLC15) has a problem with the transaction sequence
numbers. The returned answer on an attribute request, always contains the
sequence number 0. This means that only the first request after power-up is
giving a valid answer! (See attachment)


By the way: I added the Mains Power Outlet Device (ID= 0x0009)

Sending On/Off or Toggle commands work as expected.





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