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arnaud.rinquin at orange.com arnaud.rinquin at orange.com
Tue May 29 16:58:10 CEST 2012

Hi Francesco, all,

This email is a tentative to answer the "Vote for your preferred features" proposed on the web site.

Based on Christophe's tests of ZB4OSGi OSGi ZigBee Base Driver with TI CC2530 and Manlio's answers, we (Christophe, 3 other persons and I in the Orange Labs) are making this list of major issues:

- Interoperability: This driver has only been tested with CC2530EM modules. Interoperability with Netvox devices (some are based on TI modules, some are on Ember, there may be others) is not tested.

- Security: ZigBee security is not managed. The network is not secured. (Hence most of Netvox devices are not usable).

- open/close the network: these network management features are not managed. The ZB network is always open.

- Radio channel management: the only radio channel possible today is 22 (why??)

Other (slightly less important) issues to be validated:

- Tutorial: errors with the tutorial to be assessed

Interoperability, Security and Network management issues are of top priority for our project. Don't you have the same issues? Unless those first issues are solved, what could be efficiently demonstrated and appreciated by your audience?

With less priority, here are the next features that are important:

*C) Run ZB4OSGi on a  (Linux ) embedded system * => What could be easy for you and appreciated by all the "embedded" OSGi community is running the software on a Sheeva Plug (vendors: ionics, ...). The sheeva plug is well spread by the community.

*D) Improve tools  for network browsing and commissioning* => Tooling is very important to make efficient projects.

Some comments on other propositions:

*A) Ember Integrations*: Ember is a reference and the interoperability with a new dongle would be nice. It would demonstrate that your ZigBee Simple Driver API is well written. However, Texas Instruments may be sufficient if ZigBee4OSGi community manpower remains low.

*B) Increase the available profiles:*: As soon as the base driver is working with commercial sensors and actuators, many OSGi developers will implement clusters. We are planning to release a device generator.

*E) Integrate Zigbee Device Gateway (ZDG) Specification*: ZigBee Gateway Device is not well spread so we would like to focus on the use of a simple ZigBee chip (in a dongle or built-in).

Kind regards,


André, Christophe, Arnaud

Arnaud Rinquin
tél. 04 76 76 45 59
arnaud.rinquin at orange.com<mailto:william.barrachina at orange.com>


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