[zb4osgi Dev] [Result] Collaboration proposal for integrating Telecom Italia GAL/jGAL with ZB4OSGi

Francesco Furfari francesco.furfari at isti.cnr.it
Thu Oct 11 15:06:09 CEST 2012

Dear All,

I'm happy to announce that the proposal has been accepted.
The vote has passed with 14 positive votes (+1) , no abstentions(0) , no 
votes against (-1)

The vote results are:

+1 Francesco Furfari (*)
+1 Stefano Chessa (*)
+1 Álvaro Marco
+1 Álvaro Fides Valero (*)
+1 Filippo Palumbo
+1 Manlio Bacco
+1 Stefano Lenzi (*)
+1 Han Alink
+1 Michele Girolami (*)
+1 Antonio Aragues (*)
+1 Juan Pablo Lazaro Ramos (*)
+1 Roberto Casas (*)
+1 Christophe Démottié
+1 André Bottaro

(*) binding votes

Welcome on board Claudio, Andrea and Ennio !!!

I will contact you to finalise your membership.
As usual we will update the home page with the logo of your company.

Best regards,

On 02/10/2012 17.46, Francesco Furfari wrote:
> Dear All,
> this is a call for voting on the collaboration proposal sent from 
> Claudio Borean (Telecom Italia) you find below.
> Claudio Borean  will be appointed member of the Project Steering 
> Board, Andrea Ranalli and Ennio Grasso  Developer members.
> Please cast your vote on Wednesday 10th October.
> Who may vote:
> All the people subscribed to this mailing list are warmly invited to 
> express an opinion, an encouragement or criticism on the subject of 
> the vote.
> Only project members have a binding vote, but any non-binding vote 
> will be taken into account and equally discussed to get the final 
> decision
> *How to vote*:
> [+1 | 0 | -1]
> <optional comment>
> <name>
> +1    means I agree,
> 0      I don't care,
> -1    I don't agree
> Best Regards,
> Francesco
> On 02/10/2012 16.38, Borean Claudio wrote:
>> Dear ZB4OSGi team,
>> Telecom Italia is the largest Italian telecommunication operator and 
>> it offers technological infrastructures and platforms in which voice 
>> and data are converted into advanced telecommunications services - as 
>> well as the latest ICT and Media solutions.
>> Our R&D team has been involved into ZigBee technology since 2005 and 
>> worked actively to define and finalized ZigBee Gateway Device 
>> Specification, Telecom Services And Home Automation profile 
>> specifications. We have several research projects related to smart 
>> grids services in residential environments and assisted living 
>> scenarios, where the ADSL modem router has a key role for being a 
>> home automation hub for the home.
>> We think we could contribute to the ZigBee4OSGi project since Telecom 
>> Italia has developed and tested a reference implementation for the 
>> ZigBee gateway device supporting REST interface as specified in the 
>> ZigBee network device specification which we've called Gateway 
>> Abstraction Layer - GAL. This implementation, compliant with the 
>> ZigBee gateway specification,  has been developed in C/C++ and could 
>> run on a number of platforms (embedded systems, PC) and operating 
>> system. The GAL has been recently used with hardware which supports 
>> the Freescale Beestack directly on an embedded ZigBee module (without 
>> the need of external ZigBee dongles). The GAL has been also used with 
>> external USB ZigBee keys with PlugPC.
>> We've also developed a java adapter which is able to interface though 
>> a ZigBee standard REST interface to the GAL implementation and expose 
>> the ZigBee services to Java: we've defined it JGAL and this module 
>> too is compliant to the ZigBee Gateway Device specification.
>> We propose to enhance the ZB4OSGi community by providing our GAL and 
>> JGAL implementations: we think that in this way we could facilitate 
>> the use of ZigBee4OSGi framework and contribute to make it general 
>> for many application scenarios (AAL but also home automation and home 
>> energy management). Furthermore, our collaboration proposal is 
>> intended to provide technological advice to ZB4OSGi in terms of 
>> ZigBee interoperability and Home automation technologies, provided 
>> that we've been involved in ZigBee for many years.
>> Our development will be released with ASL2.0 license and aligned to 
>> the license modeling selected for ZB4OSGi.
>> The people from R&D innovation team supporting this proposal from 
>> Telecom Italia to contribute in the ZB4OSGi project are:
>> -Claudio Borean for the ZigBee interoperability
>> -Andrea Ranalli for the GAL (C/C++ implementation)
>> -Ennio Grasso for the JGAL (Java implementation)
>> P.S. attached some information about the GAL
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Telecom Italia
>> Claudio Borean
>> Research and Prototyping
>> Via Reiss Romoli, 274, 10148 Torino - Italy
>> +39 011 2285570
>> +39 3316001139
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>> cortesemente pregati di darne immediata comunicazione al mittente e 
>> di provvedere alla sua distruzione, Grazie.
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>> e-mail, Thanks.
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