[zb4osgi Dev] Knowing the Network Key

Philipp Buluschek philipp.buluschek at adhoco.com
Fri Mar 15 09:59:10 CET 2013

Hello Stefano
My comments below.

On 15.03.2013 01:08, Stefano 'Kismet' Lenzi wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 6:23 PM, Philipp Buluschek 
> <philipp.buluschek at adhoco.com <mailto:philipp.buluschek at adhoco.com>> 
> wrote:
>     I want to sniff the ZigBee communication between my HA devices and
>     the ZB4O coordinator. For this I guess I need the current network key.
>     Is there a way to get it in ZB4O?
> I'm sorry, but ZB4O does not provide any tool for "crack" ZigBee 
> network key.
Obviously :) I didn't make myself clear.
My ZB network is started by ZB4O. The ZB4O is the coordinator and the 
trust center. So it chooses (and knows) the current network key.
What I want to do, is sniff the traffic with an external tool (Daintree 
Sniffer, not ZB4O). Currently, this shows "Encrypted content, incorrect 

My question was: Is there some getXXX request which I can send to the 
ZB4O Dongle to get the NWK key currently in use by that dongle and the 
sequence number? This would allow me to copy that key to the sniffer and 
so decode the communication.
>     Also, if I understand correctly, the CC2531ZNP dongle doesn't save
>     any data (PANID,CHANNEL etc) and always restarts fresh. 
> No, it is the other way around, in general unless you reset the dongle 
> it will recall the old ZigBee configuration, e.g.: if it was 
> configured as a router and it was connected to PanId=0x44C3 it will 
> try to rejoin to the same network.
Thanks for clarifying. With flush=false I can rejoin the existing network.
>     This means, as its the coordinator, it also generates a new
>     network key on restart (?). If I want to talk to my devices after
>     a restart of the coordinator, I must be able to join the existing
>     network. For this, I believe I need to set the current network key.
>     How can I do this?
> Yes if the dongle is configured as coordinator and your restart with 
> flush on the it will generate a new network and all the other devices 
> as to rejoin to the new network. In case that you want to control an 
> existing network, it is easier to use the dongle as Router or even 
> better as End Device so that it can join and leave 
> without disrupting the network.
> Regarding the network key, ZB4O does not support a way for setting 
> network key, thus if you want to use it with a secured network you 
> have to set the network key by means of ZTool, we should support for 
> it ( I have created an issue for it 
> http://zb4osgi.aaloa.org/redmine/issues/207 )
OK, I think I see how this could be done in using the ZTool API (eg. 
using UTIL_SET_PRECONFIG_KEY) in the DriverCC2530() constructor. In case 
I need it, I could probably implement it.

Regards Philipp

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