[zb4osgi Dev] Got hue bulb working with zb4osgi

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Just for clarification: ZigBee Light link spec stated that -to enhance compatibility with HA- the messages shall use the HA ProfileID, while ZLL cluster profileID shall be used for InterPAN message only (so-called touch-link commissioning).

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HI Tommi!

It's great that it is working now! Thank you for sharing you result!

Regarding the forcing of message to HA profile, I think that it is a bug of the Hue Bulb firmware. In fact, from the ZigBee Specification point of view, an EndPoint can belong only to one Profile, so if an EndPoint describes itself as LL profile then it should expect messages belonging the LL profile, while from your expierence the Hue Bulb describe itself as LL EndPoint, but later on it expects messages belonging to HA profile.
ZB4O follows the above specification, that's why you had to force (I assume that you patched the code, dodn't you?) the creation of the EndPoint of the Dongle as HA.

I assume also that you patched the HADriver.jave to refine EndPoint belonging to LL profile, am I right?

Happy new year,

Il 01/gen/2014 20:54 "Tommi Laukkanen" <tommi.s.e.laukkanen at gmail.com<mailto:tommi.s.e.laukkanen at gmail.com>> ha scritto:

Finally got hue bulb working with zb4osgi. The trick was that the sender end point created dynamically to the dongle has to be HA for Hue bulb to respond to cluster commands.

As the hue bulb reporter itself as LL profile then zb4osgi generated its own sender end point as LL as well. This in turn caused the bulb not to respond to cluster commands.

By forcing the sender end point to be always HA I have now managed to test on/off and attribute reading but I wager the rest work as well.

Best regards,

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