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From 01/13/2015 to 02/11/2015


10:02 am ZB4O Revision 1158: Creating stage fore releasing version 1.0 of ZB4O
Stefano Lenzi


03:41 pm ZB4O Released bundle RXTX-2.1.7-2
For the process of releasing a new ZB4O suite, we started by releasing a new version of RXTX wrapped bundles.
The ne...
Stefano Lenzi
03:34 pm ZB4O Revision 1146: Preparing for a new release cycle of RXTX.
NOTE: IMPORTANT!!! ZB4O projects are linked and are using a released version of RXTX Stefano Lenzi
03:29 pm ZB4O Revision 1145: Releasing RXTX-2.1.7-2
- Fixed support for 32/64 bit on Windows Stefano Lenzi
03:28 pm ZB4O Revision 1144: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.aaloa.zb4osgi.externals.rxtx-2.1.7-2
Stefano Lenzi
03:28 pm ZB4O Revision 1143: Preparing for release
Stefano Lenzi
03:04 pm ZB4O Revision 1142: Sending a better exception when reading SemiPrecision data ( refs #292 )
Stefano Lenzi
02:57 pm ZB4O Improvement #293 (New): Floating type are read only
At the moment the support for Floating ZigBee type (i.e. Semi-precision, Single precision, Double precision) is onl... Stefano Lenzi
02:50 pm ZB4O Bug #292 (New): Missing support for reading Semi-Precision data types
At the moment the code for reading Semi-Precision ZigBee Type is not working, we should refer to http://stackoverflow... Stefano Lenzi
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