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Timeout value

Added by Han Alink over 5 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I'm trying to overcome a timeout which generates the message: "Unable to send cluster on the ZigBee network due to general error - is the device sleeping?"
This message is generated about 3 seconds after a command is issued.
The default value (TIMEOUT in ZigbeeDeviceImpl.java) is 5000.
The timeout value is a configuration item which can be set in the configuration file (org.aaloa.zb4osgi.zigbee.basedriver.timeout=10000).
For some reason the timeout is not influenced by this setting (and is also shorter than the default value).

Associated revisions

Revision 625
Added by Stefano Lenzi over 5 years ago

Added a new timeout property zigbee.driver.ez430_rf2480.timout for CC2480 driver ( refs #179 )
Using a constant for setting default timeout on basedriver

Revision 627
Added by Stefano Lenzi over 5 years ago

Enable custom timeout, as for CC2480 driver see r625 ( refs #179 )


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You are right I have just figured out that there are two different timeout when sending cluster on the network, the first timeout was related to zigbee.ez430-rf2480.driver and it was fixed to 5000ms, while the other was related to the zigbee.basedriver and it is controlled by the property org.aaloa.zb4osgi.zigbee.basedriver.timeout. The problem was that when the first timeout fires the second one is not used at all.

Now you can control the first timeout with the System Property zigbee.driver.ez430_rf2480.timout and you should be aware that the default value has been decresed to 1000ms. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the actual timeout for cluster communication is the minimum between
org.aaloa.zb4osgi.zigbee.basedriver.timeout and zigbee.driver.ez430_rf2480.timout

I hope it can help, let me know if it works for you and close the ticket in case.

P.S.: Off course, I'm assuming that you are using the zigbee.ez430-rf2480.driver as ZigBee Interface Controller ( driver )

#2 Updated by Han Alink over 5 years ago

No Stefano, I'm using the CC2530!

#3 Updated by Stefano Lenzi over 5 years ago

I have updated the changes also to the zigbee.CC2530.driver, in this case the System Property to set is zigbee.driver.tsb.timout

Let me know if it works and close the ticket in case...

#4 Updated by Han Alink over 5 years ago

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Yes, this solves the timeout problem. Closing the ticket

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