Improvement #196

Improvement #195: Create a project layout for ZigBee Health Care refinement driver

Define the a project for the Cluster used by ZigBee Health Care profile

Added by Stefano Lenzi over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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The ZigBee Health Care profile uses the following clusters has defined by the ZigBee Cluster Library
  • Basic 0x0000
  • Power Configuration 0x0001
  • Identify 0x0003
  • Alarms 0x0009
  • Time 0x000a
  • RSSI Location 0x000b
  • Commissioning 0x0015
  • Protocol Interfaces Generic Tunnel 0x0600
but it uses also the following cluster which are defined in other documents
  • Partition 0x0016
  • Alpha-Secure Key Establishment 0x0017
  • Alpha-Secure Access Control 0x0018
  • 11073 Protocol Tunnel 0x0614
  • Voice over ZigBee 0x0904

Among the above clusters only the 11073 Protocol Tunnel 0x0614 is defined in the ZigBee Health Care Profile itself, while Partition 0x0016 and Voice over ZigBee are defined in the Telecom Applications Profile . The remaing cluster are not defined in any public document yet

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Revision 675
Added by Stefano Lenzi over 5 years ago

Created project layout for library that defines and implements cluster defined by ZigBee Health Care profile ( fixes #196 )

Initial definition of 11073 Protocol Tunnel ( refs #197 )


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Applied in changeset r675.

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