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IEEE address of device cannot change - remove handling code

Added by Philipp Buluschek almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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In ZigBeeDeviceImpl.setPhysicalNode(ZigBeeNode n) a special case handles the change in IEEE address.

As the IEEE address is the only globally unique identifier of a node, it make no sense to support its change (ie. new IEEE = new devices). Also it cannot happen in the code - the setPhysicalNode() method is only called from DeviceBuilderThread.updateNetworkAddress() where the IEEE address cannot be changed.

Proposal is to remove this piece of code, specifically

} else if (node != null
                && !node.getIEEEAddress().equals(n.getIEEEAddress())) {
            logger.debug("Updating IEEE address of node {} to ", node, n.getIEEEAddress());
            node = n;
            uuid = generateUUID();
            properties.put(ZigBeeNode.IEEE_ADDRESS, node.getIEEEAddress());
            properties.put(ZigBeeDevice.UUID, uuid);

            properties.put(Constants.DEVICE_SERIAL, uuid);
            return true;


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In theory you are right but many device allow to change the IEEE address, and it seems that code is needed for handling some special case during the discovery phase, but I will double check.

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