Improvement #288

Use thread-safe collections for listeners

Added by Philipp Buluschek almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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Target version:org.aaloa.zb4osgi.zigbee.basedriver-1.X
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The current code to handle listeners is generally (here in ZigBeeDeviceImpl):

This means that for each incoming call, a full copy of the listener list is done for thread safety. In cases where writings largely outnumber readings, which is the case here as you only register listeners sometimes, eg. on startup, but iterate over them at each event, a @CopyOnWriteArrayList
or CopyOnWriteArraySet should be used instead and the whole synchronization removed.


#1 Updated by Philipp Buluschek almost 4 years ago

The code got lost somehow... So here again

private void notifyClusterListner(Cluster c){
  ArrayList<ClusterListner> localCopy;
  synchronized (listeners) {
    localCopy = new ArrayList<ClusterListner>(listeners);
  if(localCopy.size() > 0)

#2 Updated by Stefano Lenzi almost 4 years ago

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This is really interesting, the only drawbacks is that it requires JRE1.5, but we may have lost compatibility with JRE1.4 some years ago.

This issue affects also many other bundles: zigbee.zcl.library, zigbee.ha.driver, and others

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