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A single driver bundle shuold control multiple dongle

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In case that a user has two CC2480 dongle to its PCs, the user SHOULD be able to:
  1. control both of them by installing a single zigbee.ez430_rf2480.driver
  2. provide a different configuration for each of them (e.g. for controlling multiple ZigBee network)


Documentation #45: Define a clear use case for the ZigBee Base Driver contro...NewStefano Lenzi

Improvement #30: Allow configuration to change at run-timeNewStefano Lenzi

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Missing a clear use case

We have to define a clear use case, before starting developing. In fact, at the current stage, we found that is not clear, considering that there are various solution that depends exactly on the wished use case.

Valid solutions

Multiple service registered

The Driver register a Service for each of the found (or manually specified) dongles, it registers also a ManagedServiceFactory service for the configuration of each of the dongles. The list of available dongles could be also handled by means of a MangedService.

Use of ObjectFactory

The Driver register a DriverFactory Service that creates (or return) a dongle for a given set of parameters.

Both of the above solution doesn't clarify the set of parameter that the Driver supports, and how the ZBD will handle the mapping of network configuration to driver.

More design work needed...

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