First official release available

The first release of the Zigbee 4 OSGi project is available in the download section
Added by Stefano Lenzi over 7 years ago

Dear ZigBee and OSGi fans,

We are glad to announce the first release of the just born ZigBee4OSGi project!

The release is available here while the intructions at here

The release contains all latest released version of the bundles
developed by the project, in form of a ready to use OSGi environment.
In particular, we used Apache Felix as target OSGi platform and we
used pax-runner for creating the environment.

The goal of the release is to provide an easy-to-use environment,
which the developer can use for a quick testing the project, and
to allow the navigation through the source code and bundles. So, if
you are an end-user with the house full of ZigBee device you may be a
bit disappointed by running our release.

A more featured release will be provided next months with examples
bridging ZigBee lights to UPnP lights

So do not hesitate any more, download it, play with it, and develop with it ;)

Looking forward to constructive feedback from you...

Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi