From 05/25/2013 to 06/23/2013


02:27 am Task #214 (New): Move the SimpleDriver API to the ZigBee Interface Controller (ZIC) API
We should refactor the zigbee.dongle.api so that we can:
# Remove any direct dependencies with the Texas Instrument ...
Stefano Lenzi
02:23 am Improvement #213 (Closed): Updated all the paramaters from zigbee.driver.tsb to zigbee.driver.cc2530
We left by error the parameter with the prefix "zigbee.driver.tsb", but we should use "zigbee.driver.cc2530" Stefano Lenzi
02:19 am Task #118 (Closed): Create a first release of the new CC2530 Driver
It has already been created Stefano Lenzi
02:18 am Task #122 (Closed): Verify issue status on redmine
Stefano Lenzi
02:17 am Task #121 (Closed): Verify all the metadata of the bundle release
Stefano Lenzi
02:16 am Task #212 (New): Rename and update metadata for CC2530 driver
We should updated the following metadata:
* the directory name should be all low case: zigbee.CC2530.driver should b...
Stefano Lenzi
02:11 am Bug #211 (New): CC2530 driver does not load parameters
It seems that the CC2530 does not load or does not use the parameters as defined on the wiki (http://zb4osgi.aaloa.or... Stefano Lenzi


05:05 pm Revision 704: Initial codebase for integrating ZigBee Gateway Device
Marco Peccianti


10:29 am Revision 703: solving compilation errors.
Manlio Bacco
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