From 12/15/2014 to 01/13/2015


07:19 pm Revision 1147: Zigbee.common deprecated. Partial Deserializer issues resolved (refs #262)
Giancarlo Riolo
03:41 pm Released bundle RXTX-2.1.7-2
For the process of releasing a new ZB4O suite, we started by releasing a new version of RXTX wrapped bundles.
The ne...
Stefano Lenzi
03:34 pm Revision 1146: Preparing for a new release cycle of RXTX.
NOTE: IMPORTANT!!! ZB4O projects are linked and are using a released version of RXTX Stefano Lenzi
03:29 pm Revision 1145: Releasing RXTX-2.1.7-2
- Fixed support for 32/64 bit on Windows Stefano Lenzi
03:28 pm Revision 1144: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.aaloa.zb4osgi.externals.rxtx-2.1.7-2
Stefano Lenzi
03:28 pm Revision 1143: Preparing for release
Stefano Lenzi
03:04 pm Revision 1142: Sending a better exception when reading SemiPrecision data ( refs #292 )
Stefano Lenzi
02:57 pm Improvement #293 (New): Floating type are read only
At the moment the support for Floating ZigBee type (i.e. Semi-precision, Single precision, Double precision) is onl... Stefano Lenzi
02:50 pm Bug #292 (New): Missing support for reading Semi-Precision data types
At the moment the code for reading Semi-Precision ZigBee Type is not working, we should refer to http://stackoverflow... Stefano Lenzi


10:55 pm Improvement #291 (In Progress): Using ByteBuffer instead of Integers
I have verified that _it.cnr.isti.primitivetypes.util.Integers_ is the only dependency between *zigbee.zcl.library* a... Stefano Lenzi
10:52 pm Improvement #291 (In Progress): Using ByteBuffer instead of Integers
_Integers_ class seems to be bugged as reported by #262, so we should consider to replace Integers with _java.nio.Byt... Stefano Lenzi
10:48 pm Task #290 (Resolved): Change naming of package and artifact as Maven standard
We should perform a big refactoring:
* replace all the packages, artifactId, and groupId to org.aaloa.zb4o instead o...
Stefano Lenzi
08:52 pm Revision 1141: Fixed loading of 64-bit rxtx on Windows, 32-bit version was loaded regardless of J...
Updated zigbee.tester configuration to use latest RXTX bundle Stefano Lenzi
01:23 pm Revision 1140: Fixed import of package name after refactoring
Stefano Lenzi


06:23 pm Task #117 (In Progress): Create ZB4OSGi suite release 1.0
I'm working on it by closing important issues and then by releasing everything Stefano Lenzi
06:22 pm Task #117: Create ZB4OSGi suite release 1.0
We have released only single components of ZB4O so far, but we really need to create a new full release. Stefano Lenzi
06:17 pm Improvement #124 (Rejected): ZB4OSGi binding
Binding has been tested several times both by the communities (they also found some bugs on it) and by other internal... Stefano Lenzi
06:13 pm Bug #270 (Closed): No retry limit when registering endpoint
Stefano Lenzi
06:11 pm Task #289 (Closed): Backport parsing issue 280 to EZ430_RF2480 driver
Fix has been backported see #280 Stefano Lenzi
06:11 pm Bug #280 (Closed): RESEND_ONLY_EXCEPTION is not correctly taken into account
Fixed Stefano Lenzi
06:10 pm Revision 1139: Backporting patch ( refs #289 )
Stefano Lenzi
06:09 pm Revision 1138: Removed unused dependencies and fixed test in case of null ( refs #280 )
Stefano Lenzi
05:56 pm Revision 1137: Added JUnit for testing the bug ( refs #280 )
Stefano Lenzi
05:16 pm Revision 1136: Fixing minor compilation issue ( refs #280 )
Stefano Lenzi
05:12 pm Task #289 (Closed): Backport parsing issue 280 to EZ430_RF2480 driver
We have to backport the patch to the EZ430_RF2480 driver Stefano Lenzi
05:09 pm Revision 1135: Fixing parsing of RESEND_ONLY_EXCEPTION_KEY properties ( refs #280 )
Stefano Lenzi
05:00 pm Bug #282 (Closed): Correct comment on HWLowLevelDriverState.SERIAL_HANLDER_KEY
Updated Javadoc Stefano Lenzi
04:59 pm Revision 1134: Updating Javadoc for HWLowLevelDriverState.SERIAL_HANLDER_KEY ( refs #282 )
Stefano Lenzi
04:50 pm Bug #113 (Closed): Request sent multiple time even if it does not fail
It has been fixed years ago. Stefano Lenzi
04:39 pm Bug #262: Check byte-order writing
It is going to be part of the next release soon, we tested with real device and it is now partially fixed with commit... Stefano Lenzi
04:00 pm Bug #279 (Closed): SubscriptionBase.isActive() does not return the expected result
Fixed the issue Stefano Lenzi
03:58 pm Bug #265 (Closed): Binding disalignment must be handled correctly
Closing the issue Stefano Lenzi
03:58 pm Bug #270: No retry limit when registering endpoint
Closing the issue Stefano Lenzi
03:56 pm Improvement #259 (Rejected): Optionally block initialization of SimpleDriver while ConfigAdmin ha...
As no further feedback was given then, I will set this as rejected Stefano Lenzi
03:54 pm Bug #152 (Closed): viewGroup command
As last comment Stefano Lenzi
03:52 pm Improvement #234 (Closed): Implementation of ZDO_MGMT_NWK_UPDATE_REQ and ZDO_MGMT_NWK_UPDATE_REQ_...
I will close this issue, and a new issue has to be created if support for ZDO_MGMT_NWK_UPDATE_* command should be pro... Stefano Lenzi
03:45 pm Bug #244 (Closed): Deadlock when reset dongle fails
I will consider it as closed, please open it again if needed Stefano Lenzi
03:44 pm Bug #249 (Closed): status variable should be at least volatile for synchronization purpose
I will consider it as closed, please open it again if needed Stefano Lenzi
03:44 pm Bug #248 (Closed): The status of the driver mat not be clean if it fails to open
I will consider it as closed, please open it again if needed Stefano Lenzi
03:40 pm Documentation #260 (Closed): "CC2480 Data Link protocol library" bundle.
Stefano Lenzi
03:06 pm Revision 1133: Updated to the latest RXTX
Stefano Lenzi
02:58 pm Revision 1132: Preparing a new release cycle for RXTX
Stefano Lenzi
02:56 pm Revision 1131: Releasing RXTX 2.1.7-1
Stefano Lenzi
02:54 pm Revision 1130: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.aaloa.zb4osgi.externals.rxtx-2.1.7-1
Stefano Lenzi
02:48 pm Revision 1129: Prearing for release RXTX
Stefano Lenzi
11:42 am Revision 1128: Reverting release-maven-plugin
Stefano Lenzi
11:34 am Revision 1127: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release org.aaloa.zb4osgi.pom-10
Stefano Lenzi
11:21 am Revision 1126: Adding osgiBuilding number for identifying the several version of RXTX bundle that...
Updating all the dependencies to the new artifact name Stefano Lenzi
10:54 am Revision 1125: Adding pom as module so that parent POM can be found
Stefano Lenzi


04:32 pm Revision 1124: karaf features updated.
Giancarlo Riolo


05:32 pm Revision 1123: Filename Refactor, failed test removed (method tested implementation changed for a...
Giancarlo Riolo
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