From 01/26/2015 to 02/24/2015


05:34 pm Revision 1176: Proprietary cluster added
Giancarlo Riolo
05:33 pm Revision 1175: Proprietary cluster added in home automation driver
Giancarlo Riolo
04:22 pm Bug #303 (New): LQINetworkBrowserThread misses devices
In @LQINetworkBrowserThread@, to get the full list of neighbors from a device, several requests may be necessary. Thi... Philipp Buluschek


08:24 pm Bug #302 (New): ByteUtils.convertMultiByteToLong(byte[]) is wrong
The conversion method from a @byte[]@ to a @long@ in ByteUtils is wrong.
See: @ByteUtils.convertMultiByteToLong(byte...
Philipp Buluschek
03:29 pm Revision 1174: Version updated to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT in Tester pax.args
Giancarlo Riolo


06:22 pm Revision 1173: karaf features version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
Giancarlo Riolo
06:19 pm Revision 1172: karaf features file fixed in trunk
Giancarlo Riolo
06:19 pm Revision 1171: karaf features file fixed
Giancarlo Riolo
05:59 pm Revision 1170: Updated karaf features file to version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
Giancarlo Riolo
05:50 pm Revision 1169: Updated bundles to version 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT
Giancarlo Riolo
05:46 pm Revision 1168: versions update in all submodules
Giancarlo Riolo
04:55 pm Revision 1167: [maven-release-plugin] prepare release zb4o-builder-1.0.0
Giancarlo Riolo
04:41 pm Revision 1166: Preparing release
Giancarlo Riolo
04:18 pm Revision 1165: plugins updated
Giancarlo Riolo
02:40 pm Revision 1164: LICENSE,NOTICE,LICENSE.ZigBee added.
Giancarlo Riolo
02:39 pm Revision 1163: Major Refactor, Version Number changed to 1.0.0 for all bundles.
Giancarlo Riolo


05:49 pm Revision 1162: tags folder added
Giancarlo Riolo
05:46 pm Revision 1161: pom refactoring in trunk
Giancarlo Riolo
05:43 pm Revision 1160: Sandobox Release refactoring
Giancarlo Riolo
11:24 am Revision 1159: sandbox giancarlo.riolo
Giancarlo Riolo


10:02 am Revision 1158: Creating stage fore releasing version 1.0 of ZB4O
Stefano Lenzi


10:48 am Bug #301: In ZDO_SIMPLE_DESC_REQ the fied
Sorry, sent too early:
In ZDO_SIMPLE_DESC_REQ, the fields are not set. Only the framedata is set.
Philipp Buluschek
10:47 am Bug #301 (New): In ZDO_SIMPLE_DESC_REQ the fied
Philipp Buluschek
09:30 am Improvement #300 (New): ZigBeeDeviceImpl should check the endpoint of the returned SimpleDescriptor
When a SimpleDescriptor is requested in the constructor of ZigBeeDeviceImpl, there is no check whether the returned r... Philipp Buluschek


09:47 am Bug #299 (New): Discovery mode is not updated properly from configuration
In @ConfigurationService@, the discovery mode (@BaseDriverProperties.DISCOVERY_MODE_KEY@) has a default value which i... Philipp Buluschek


12:13 pm Bug #298 (New): ZToolAddress16 and ZToolAddress64 override equals() without overriding hashCode()
Both @ZToolAddress16@ and @ZToolAddress64@ redefine the @equals()@ method but without redefining the @hashCode()@ met... Philipp Buluschek


05:20 pm Bug #296: DeviceBuilderThread delayed retry broken
After a bit more investigation, it seems the whole retry mechanism in @DeviceBuilderThread@ is broken (see also bug #... Philipp Buluschek
03:43 pm Bug #297 (New): Search for existing failed devices broken
In @DeviceBuilderThread.doCreateZigBeeDeviceService(ZigBeeNode, byte)@, if the simple descriptor request fails (in th... Philipp Buluschek
02:43 pm Bug #296 (New): DeviceBuilderThread delayed retry broken
In @DeviceBuilderThread@, when several attempts at contacting a device fail, the next retry should be postponed some ... Philipp Buluschek
09:27 am Bug #295 (New): Wrong data type in OccupancySensing:PIROccupiedToUnoccupiedDelay
In @Attributes.PIR_OCCUPIED_TO_UNOCCUPIED_DELAY@ the data type is given as @UnsignedInteger8bit@, but it should be @U... Philipp Buluschek
09:07 am Bug #294 (New): Wrong attribute returned
In @OccupancySensingImpl@, the attributes returned by getter methods @getPIROccupiedToUnoccupiedDelay()@ and @getPIRU... Philipp Buluschek


11:01 am Revision 1157: Changed SinglePrecision and HalfPrecision bodies. ---> error text fixed.
Giancarlo Riolo
10:54 am Revision 1156: Changed SinglePrecision and HalfPrecision bodies.
Giancarlo Riolo
10:53 am Revision 1155: zb4o karaf features updated
Giancarlo Riolo
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