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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
304 ImprovementNewNormalDefaultDeserializer should not throw ClassCastException on invalid input02/26/2015 10:58 am
303 BugNewNormalLQINetworkBrowserThread misses devices02/24/2015 04:22 pm
302 BugNewNormalByteUtils.convertMultiByteToLong(byte[]) is wrong02/17/2015 08:24 pm
301 BugNewNormalIn ZDO_SIMPLE_DESC_REQ the fied02/10/2015 10:48 am
300 ImprovementNewNormalZigBeeDeviceImpl should check the endpoint of the returned SimpleDescriptor02/10/2015 09:30 am
299 BugNewNormalDiscovery mode is not updated properly from configuration02/09/2015 09:47 am
298 BugNewNormalZToolAddress16 and ZToolAddress64 override equals() without overriding hashCode()02/06/2015 12:13 pm
297 BugNewNormalSearch for existing failed devices broken02/04/2015 03:43 pm
296 BugNewNormalDeviceBuilderThread delayed retry broken02/04/2015 05:20 pm
295 BugNewNormalWrong data type in OccupancySensing:PIROccupiedToUnoccupiedDelay 02/04/2015 09:27 am
294 BugNewNormalWrong attribute returned02/04/2015 09:07 am
293 ImprovementNewLowFloating type are read onlyGiancarlo Riolo01/13/2015 02:57 pm
292 BugNewLowMissing support for reading Semi-Precision data typesGiancarlo Riolo01/13/2015 02:50 pm
291 ImprovementIn ProgressHighUsing ByteBuffer instead of IntegersStefano Lenzi01/12/2015 10:55 pm
290 TaskResolvedLowChange naming of package and artifact as Maven standardGiancarlo Riolo02/26/2015 11:50 am
288 ImprovementNewHighUse thread-safe collections for listenersStefano Lenzi12/04/2014 03:25 pm
287 BugNewNormalDo not send report config when last listeners gets unregisteredStefano Lenzi12/04/2014 03:14 pm
286 BugNewNormalBinding may be removed although it is still neededStefano Lenzi12/04/2014 03:10 pm
285 ImprovementNewNormalDo not automtically unbind from device Stefano Lenzi12/04/2014 03:27 pm
283 BugFeedbackLowManufacturer ID must be sent in reverse byte orderStefano Lenzi12/01/2014 11:14 am
281 BugNewLowFilePacketSniffer - usage of SimpleDateFormat must be thread safe11/26/2014 04:03 pm
276 ImprovementFeedbackLowCorrect usage of ZCL transaction IDsStefano Lenzi12/04/2014 02:12 pm
274 ImprovementIn ProgressNormalAdapt to modified ZNP API to ZStack 2.6Fabio Mavilia11/15/2014 05:31 pm
272 BugNewLowReturn correct extended PAN ID11/06/2014 10:47 am
267 ImprovementIn ProgressHighImprove detection of sleepy devicesStefano Lenzi11/02/2014 12:36 pm
266 ImprovementIn ProgressLowestIEEE address of device cannot change - remove handling codeStefano Lenzi10/31/2014 01:09 pm
262 BugFeedbackUrgentCheck byte-order writingStefano Lenzi02/26/2015 10:34 am
261 TaskNewNormalRemove javax.swing dependency when not need and mark as optional Stefano Lenzi10/02/2014 02:41 pm
258 ImprovementNewNormalRemove javax.swing dependency in cc2480 and CC2530 bundlesStefano Lenzi10/02/2014 02:40 pm
257 ImprovementNewLowImplement different behavior of ZBD for duplciated macStefano Lenzi08/05/2014 12:56 pm
256 TaskNewNormalCreate an Maven archetype for a refinement driver for a specific ZigBee ProfileStefano Lenzi07/12/2014 01:05 pm
255 TaskNewLowCreate an Maven archetype for a Simple Driver templateStefano Lenzi07/12/2014 01:04 pm
254 DocumentationNewHighComplete instruction for creating a Simple Driver implementationStefano Lenzi07/12/2014 01:02 pm
253 ImprovementNewLowCreate an Abstract ZStackDriver that as parent for both DriverEZ430_RF2480 and DriverCC2530Stefano Lenzi07/11/2014 02:04 pm
240 ImprovementIn ProgressHighDecouple Cluster from ProfileGiancarlo Riolo02/10/2014 05:21 pm
238 BugNewLowError on stopping CC2530 BaseDriver.Giancarlo Riolo01/20/2014 12:16 pm
237 BugNewNormalMessage mix-up01/22/2014 04:34 pm
233 ImprovementNewHighAdd some kind of persistance to ZigBee Base DriverStefano Lenzi05/20/2014 12:08 pm
232 BugIn ProgressLowEndpoint registration on the dongleStefano Lenzi05/20/2014 12:09 pm
231 BugIn ProgressNormalDetection of devicesGiancarlo Riolo05/20/2014 12:09 pm
230 ImprovementFeedbackLowSerial-comm integration patchStefano Lenzi12/13/2013 03:03 pm
220 BugNewNormalGiven an endpoint show only the supported attributes.11/07/2013 02:55 pm
219 ImprovementNewNormalManage homonymous attributes08/05/2014 12:28 pm
217 ImprovementNewLowVisualize under single device multiple endpoints11/07/2013 02:56 pm
214 TaskNewNormalMove the SimpleDriver API to the ZigBee Interface Controller (ZIC) APIStefano Lenzi06/23/2013 02:27 am
212 TaskNewLowRename and update metadata for CC2530 driverMichele Girolami06/23/2013 02:16 am
211 BugNewLowCC2530 driver does not load parametersMichele Girolami06/23/2013 02:11 am
209 BugNewHighclusterListenersGiancarlo Riolo08/05/2014 12:27 pm
207 ImprovementNewNormalAdd support for secure networkStefano Lenzi03/15/2013 01:06 am
204 ImprovementNewNormalImplement the Dosage Sensor deviceStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:50 pm
203 WishNewNormalImplement the Voice over ZigBee cluster11/07/2013 03:05 pm
202 WishNewNormalImplement the Partition cluster03/06/2013 08:48 pm
201 ImprovementNewHighCreate a first ZigBee Health Care refinement driverStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:44 pm
200 ImprovementNewNormalImplement the Commissioning clusterStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:41 pm
199 ImprovementNewNormalImplement the Generic tunnel clusterStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:41 pm
198 ImprovementNewNormalImplement the RSSI Location clusterStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:39 pm
197 ImprovementNewNormalImplements the 11073 Protocol Tunnel ClusterStefano Lenzi03/06/2013 08:32 pm
190 ImprovementNewNormalreporting configurationGiancarlo Riolo11/07/2013 03:07 pm
189 ImprovementNewHighHADriver should allows a way for supporting extra clusterStefano Lenzi07/29/2013 04:47 pm
187 DiscussionNewHighRemove the addCustomDevice method from SimpleDriver?Manlio Bacco03/07/2013 03:45 pm
184 TaskIn ProgressHighMoving Telecom Italia's code to trunkStefano Lenzi02/24/2013 11:32 am
181 DiscussionNewNormalReportingFrancesco Furfari02/16/2013 11:58 am
165 BugIn ProgressNormalRelative Humidity Measurement Cluster not shownStefano Lenzi03/01/2013 06:25 pm
146 ImprovementNewNormalCreating specialized input field for definig command parameterFrancesco Furfari10/22/2012 10:49 am
117 TaskFeedbackNormalCreate ZB4OSGi suite release 1.0Giancarlo Riolo02/26/2015 11:50 am
116 ImprovementIn ProgressNormalCC2480 ASMMichele Girolami04/05/2011 08:48 am
112 BugIn ProgressNormalDeadlock during closing of the DriverEZ430_RF2480 driverStefano Lenzi07/04/2013 01:42 pm
97 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBee Cluster LibraryFrancesco Furfari01/11/2011 05:19 pm
96 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBee TesterStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:18 pm
95 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBe Home Automation Driver implementationFrancesco Furfari01/11/2011 05:16 pm
94 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ez430-rf2480 aka CC2480 DriverStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
93 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBee Dongle API (ZIC) Stefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:15 pm
92 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe Common libraryStefano Lenzi01/09/2011 10:48 pm
91 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe CC2480 Datalink Library Stefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:13 pm
90 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBe Base Driver API implementationStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:12 pm
89 TaskNewNormalCreate a wiki page that describe ZigBe Base Driver implementationStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:11 pm
87 WishNewNormalSplit API from implementation, and helper classesStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
86 ImprovementNewNormalHome Automation profile interface should provide a basic DeviceDescriptionStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
85 ImprovementNewNormalDeviceDescription should contain also Name and DeviceId dataStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
84 WishNewNormalAn UI for creating stub ZigBee deviceStefano Lenzi10/17/2010 12:30 am
83 WishNewNormalAn UI for creating stub deviceStefano Lenzi10/17/2010 12:30 am
82 WishNewNormalAn interface for controlling the failure of the operation should be providedStefano Lenzi10/17/2010 12:29 am
81 BugNewLowDuplicated device on ZigBee TesterStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:18 pm
77 WishNewNormalProvide an UI for displaying the active binding between devicesStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:18 pm
73 WishNewLowConsider to move the AF_REGISTRATION inside the ZIC APIStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:15 pm
71 ImprovementNewLowProvide API for handling error during subscriptionStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:19 pm
66 ImprovementNewNormalOnly a class should store network, device and service informationStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:11 pm
65 ImprovementNewLowDefine a ZigBee address or identififcator hierachyStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:15 pm
64 ImprovementNewNormalBase Driver should monitor the health status of deviceStefano Lenzi05/20/2014 12:21 pm
59 DocumentationNewNormalDefine a wiki page for describing each of the artifactsStefano Lenzi10/20/2010 01:28 am
52 ImprovementNewLowSlowdown of the ZigBee Base DriverStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
51 ImprovementNewLowAdapt Home Automation driver to OSGi Device Access SpecificationStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:18 pm
46 ImprovementNewNormalZigBee Dongle API should provide CC2480 frame free APIStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:15 pm
45 DocumentationNewLowDefine a clear use case for the ZigBee Base Driver controlling multiple Dongle DriverStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:11 pm
44 BugNewLowHandling duplicated ZigBeeDevice when multiple driver usedStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:11 pm
43 WishNewHighCreate a tool for automatic generation of device Java classesStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:16 pm
42 WishNewHighCreate a tool for automatic generation of cluster Java classesStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:19 pm
41 ImprovementNewLowComplete the support to all HAStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:19 pm
40 ImprovementNewLowComplete the support to all ZCLStefano Lenzi01/11/2011 05:19 pm
39 ImprovementNewLowZigBee Hone Automation driver complaint with Refinement driverStefano Lenzi02/28/2013 06:57 pm

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