It is a jargon word that refer to an USB stick, and in our context it is always a short-end for ZigBee Dongle. The ZigBee Dongle is a USB Stick that enable to communicate with a ZigBee network.

ZigBee Device

The terms refers to a application running on single End Point of a ZigBee Node.

ZigBee Node

The terms to physical board that is installed on the environment which contains the ZigBee Radio and that execute a set of ZigBee Device.

ZigBee Interface Controller (ZIC)

It is the API that must be provided by the hardware connected to the PC for allowing the ZBD to use them. The terms is a inspired by the Network Interface Controller (NIC ) which is a general term for identifying an hardware that enable network communication. It's goal is to become a standard as HCI is for the Bluetooth