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08:49 pm ZB4O Improvement #274: Adapt to modified ZNP API to ZStack 2.6
FYI: End devices and Routers that use the Home 1.2 stack work fine with a 2.5.1a Coordinator.


10:00 am ZB4O Bug #152: viewGroup command
Let me explain:
If I assign a name to group 10: "abcd", and I view this group by means of the ViewGroup command, the...


02:16 pm ZB4O Bug #153: Get Group Membership Command payload
Okay, the command works as expected. Though I still do not understand why the Java type "array" is indicated with [| ...
02:06 pm ZB4O Bug #152: viewGroup command
Checked again; name of the group is still not displayed in the tester window.
01:58 pm ZB4O Bug #145 (Closed): ON/OFF reporting by DimmableLight device
Tested again with Level Controllable Output (DIY) and Dimmable light (NetVox). Reporting On/Off for both devices is o...
01:47 pm ZB4O Bug #216 (Closed): Detection of devices when rejoin with a new NWK address but same IEEE address


09:38 am ZB4O Bug #163 (Closed): dimmable Light
Okay; I close the issue


02:54 pm ZB4O Bug #229: PresentValue attribute Reporting in Analog Input Cluster not working as expected.
As far as I'm concerned you can close the ticket.
02:49 pm ZB4O Improvement #243 (Closed): Level Controllable Output
Bug fixed; I close the ticket.
10:49 am ZB4O Improvement #243: Level Controllable Output
okay, the clusters are visible now, but the name as displayed in the tester interface is still wrong. See attachment.

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